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VGA cooler for the GTX 670

I need to know what cooler would go with the GTX 670. I had this in mind.
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    The product you linked to isn't compatible with a GTX670

    The GTX670 isn't really a hot running card, but if you really wanted an aftermarket cooler this is compatible:

    Or if you haven't already brought the GTX 670 why not just buy one that comes with a good cooler like the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Windforce 3X
  2. i vote for MSi Twinfrozer III.but you have to wait a little :P
  3. The MSI TwinFrozer is okay.

    I think I'd vote for the Asus DirectCU II version of the GTX670.

    It makes absolutely no sense to add your own cooler when it's cheaper to get this card which would do it better (it's not just the cooler, it's also the better power circuitry). Plus, you'd VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

    IMO after-market coolers for graphics cards will likely disappear since so many companies have started to do it better for cheaper.
  4. ^but DCUII is huge and looks kinda ugly(looks more like a brick :lol: )TF III looks better and runs cool!
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