TV stopped reading PS3 :(

My TV is not reading my ps3 anymore. I thought it could have been the HDMI chord but I tried a different HDMI and also a different ps3, still wont read but yet both ps3s work just fine on my other TV. Whats the problem?
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  1. It could be a number of problems but what it likely is, is an internal issue with your tv. What other video and audio inputs does the tv have? (Such as VGA, RCA, DVI)
  2. I know it has VGA and RCA i'm not sure what else.
  3. If you can hook up the RCA from the ps3 to the tv, it will effectively be the same thing as hooking up HDMI.

    The difference isn't too noticeable to me, but I'm more of an audio person.

    Try hooking up the RCA and hope it works.

    If so, you can always get the HDMI connector in the tv fixed but RCA will work for the time being.

    And if not. It's the input system in the tv. That means its useful for what you can use it for, sadly :(
  4. Why thank you!!!
  5. Hey, no problem, I'm glad I could help someone out :)

    Good luck with your HDMI fix!
  6. while in RCA mode switch your ps3 to 720p with the hdmi cable in, i'm guess this tv takes 720p or 1080i only and it may have got switched to 1080p forcing a black screen.
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