New Case - NZXT Phantom or CM Storm Trooper?


So, I am trying to weigh out which case to buy, I personally prefer the Phantom's style over the Trooper, and plus I like the built-in fan controller on the Phantom, not to mention can hide drives, though I have heard it appears to be weak in the sense of its construct material.

The Trooper is $20 AUD more then Phantom, and would like to know what people prefer, I have no intention of water cooling..

(Please don't recommend the HAF case, I cannot stand the sight of it :P)

Cheers :D
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  1. I can't say anything from experience because I haven't owned either, but the storm trooper seems to have more functionality, but I can't say if its worth another 20 bucks.

    It depends on how many liquid funds you have, but I would go with the latter.
  2. True, I feel as if it's the right choice, but I am just trying to justify it :P
  3. It looks like it can take more room for expansion. And the on board features don't hurt, either. As a man with a Frankenstein computer, I'd solidly get the trooper
  4. Indeed, I don't think the trooper uses a toolless design, does it?

    So, the Phantom is $169, whereas the Trooper is $189, just so we have digits to go with it :P
  5. I'd spend a little bit more and go with the new Phantom 820. It's pretty much everything someone could want in a case, ever, except for a low price.
  6. Hehe, nah, sorry, have zero intention paying $280 for a case :P
  7. got the storm trooper

    and would certainly recommend it

    theres also the storm stryker white version if thats your thing
  8. Yeah, I know about the Stryker, but that's like $210, totally not worth it just for the fact it's white :P

    This indecision is killing me, hehe, so far, everyone recommends that Trooper, and I can see why, but I keep getting drawn to the Phantom but don't know why.. :(
  9. cases are a personal choice

    comes down to functionality versus the look you like and the cost

    at least you have already narrowed it down to 2 :)
  10. The phantom build quality is good, some is made by plastic but it is still well build, i own one, no problems with that, and i still didnt see the trooper in flesh, but then i would still take the phantom any day
  11. Reason I am for the Phantom, Is the fact, It has Built-in Fan Controller, Tool-less Designed, Cover to hide Drivers,and I feel the Phantom has a more appropriate fan layout design, for air cooling anyway (maybe wrong, probably am lol)

    Only reason for the Trooper, Is of course that look, even that it is quite large, and probably the top specifically (Button layout is quite nice) - And it looks very solid

    But even though the Phantom support 2x 200mm top, it looks as if the second one is half covered by the plastic material (whatever it is :P) - and perhaps block some airflow, and I guess it looks the same for the front fan, if someone can let me know about that, be very helpful

    Also, how good are the NZXT stock fans, are they decent, I suspect there loud, I just dont want to waste more doe on replacing them all...
  12. +1 storm trooper
  13. Yeah, that's the one, after looking at the post on that site, I don't know about the Phantom, apparently, it only supports NZXT200mm fans, not 100% sure its true, but it seems very dodgy of NZXT if so
  14. looks very plastic compared to the trooper

    and dont like the io ports

    only seems to be 2 usb and 1 esata

    and they are too close together--only a simple thing but on the trooper you can fit a fat flash drive in all 4 usb ports at the same time without having to unplug other usb stuff
  15. Yeah, I guess Im best off getting the Trooper :D
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