Graphics card upgrade for an intel core 2 duo 1.8ghz w/o Bottlenecking


I have a stock (w/ the exception of added RAM) Dell XPS 410 with an Nvidia geforce 7300 LE, an Intel core 2 duo 6300 @1.86ghz and Windows XP. I know it's a really old system but I was wondering which nvidia card out there would be the best I could get without bottlenecking w/ the processor.

A majority of my need is for gaming, and I am only now wishing to upgrade because diablo III gets 20 fps w/ everything low and off. Don't even get me started on sewers/standing water or smoke/fog...

Power supply is 375w but I am willing to get a 450w or higher to meet the cards needs.
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  1. With your cpu a AMD radeon HD6670 will be great. Equivalent nvidia car will be overprice. So get hd6670. You will 30+ fps with it at high setting.

    And 375w psu is enough. Actually a good 200/250w psu is sufficient for you.
  2. IMHO, you should ditch your system and build a new one. However, if you insist on the upgrade path, then here it is:

    In order to play Diablo 3 smoothly at 60fps at 1920x1080 resolution with all details set to maximum, you will need the following (assuming you are located in the United States):

    #1 - A power supply upgrade to over 450W (I would pick an Antec NEO ECO 520C)

    #2 - A video card upgrade to Radeon HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 (I would pick a GIGABYTE GV-R677D5-1GD Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5).

    #3 - A capable cpu. Your core 2 duo 6300 CPU is ancient and could bottleneck you video card however, so nothing is guaranteed.

    Before buying anything, make sure your case can fit a standard ATX sized power supply. Some Dell cases can only take micro ATX power supplies. Also make sure your case can fit the dimensions of the video card and that you have at least 1 case fan blowing air out of the case for cooling.
  3. With that e6300, there will be high bottleneck. I am using HD6770 with pentium e5400. But cant get the full performance of 6770 but close. In some games, there is high bottleneck in my system. Though i oc my cpu to 3.6ghz, but cant get rid of bottleneck. It just reduce.
  4. I appreciate the replies and suggestions. Nvidia is really the only gpu I know and would like to stay nvidia but i'll take a look in to amd's. I had a gforce 8600 gtx and played borderlands, Dragon age, Age of conan and BFBC2 on it until it crapped out when I installed dragon age 2 for some reason.

    I can't really afford a cpu upgrade because i'm also in the middle of an ar build, which is why I'm asking for the best card possible w/o bottlenecking.

    I've been looking mainly at the geforce 4 series and the gts 450 with being the highest I can go but I really don't know which is why I'm asking.

    Edit with an I'm new I don't know what to do question. I'm considering the antec neo kulmnar suggested. It has a 20+4 pin and my mobo is 24 pin. does that just all plug in to my 24 pin? :heink:
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    Well, gts450 is a great card and faster than HD6670. If you can afford it then get it.

    You can use 24+4 pin in 24pin. You need to separate additional 4pin.

    But you dont need to get more than 450w. Just get antec 450w.
    It is more than enough for your system. Even you can update to new gpu later with this psu.
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