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Hi guys

I have previously bought a wireless VGA to USB adapter for a conference room situation and even with the most comprehensive installation instructions it still caused confusion and didn't work very well.

Is there such a solution that requires no installation what so ever? Just plug and go?

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  1. You're gonna find that video over USB will not work the way you want. It just can't handle the data load. Low res maybe but hi res will choke.
  2. I don't want USB, that's the thing.. I want wireless VGA
  3. I don't know of any wireless VGA out there. Once again video data loads may be too much for wireless.
  4. I appreciate that, but for simple presentations (such as power points etc) I'm sure it would suffice. The USB-VGA wireless I have used previously worked perfectly fine, it was just the installation procedure that seemed to put people off using it and thus has been made redundant.
  5. I would consider going with a small portable VGA projector as an options. Basicly plug and chug.
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