AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE vs. Intel Core 2 Duo E8600

I'm planning to buy new processor.
Could you please suggest me best processor among AMD Phenom and Intel i3/i5
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  1. New processor for new build or for an existing system? please specify
  2. 965BE vs E8600 ? Come on now you're starting to hurt my feelings.

    And for the Phenom i3/i5:

    2.What will you be doing e.g. Gaming
  3. In lightly threaded applications not much difference would be noticed between the 965 & the E8600 as Phenom II and Core2 architectures IPC were pretty much on par with one another. Personally I would lean towards the 965 as more applications are being coded to make use of more than 2 cores where the 965 will have a sizeable performance advantage.
  4. Well, I upgraded from a E6700 to a 965, and the difference is huge. Heck, my FPS in Skyrim practically doubled, the immense stuttering I had in games stopped, and don't get me started on multithreaded programs; Easily less than half the time is needed to do stuff.
    World Machine 2 is so awesome now.
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