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Hello smart people,
As of the last month or two, I am having a problem playing games on lower than my native resolution. I have an Nvidia GTX295 video card with the latest driver, and a Hanns-G 28" monitor with a 1920x1200 native resolution. Everything works fine when I play games on the native resolution, but I've noticed that whenever it's set to anything lower, the game's colors will be way off (usually to greens and purples) and vertical lines appear across the screen. This isn't really a problem for modern games that can be switched to 1920x1200 after the first boot-up, but it makes playing anything made before 2006 or so impossible. Even DosBOX is having this issue.

Note that these games that can't reach 1920x1200 look just fine in windowed mode, the problem is only when the game is on full screen. Any suggestions? I didn't have this problem a month or two ago with the same hardware, it has only been doing this for the past month or two with the latest two graphics drivers.
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  1. You may need to back out the driver updates and try reinstalling them or just don't use them.
  2. I've tried every driver for my card back to August of last year, still the same problem. I'm thinking it might be the monitor that's acting up because it has been acting funny lately.
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