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Hello Everyone :)

I connected two mouse device to my PC .. But both mouse functions same.. Is it possible to create two mouse cursors.. So that one mouse cursor perform one functionality & another mouse cursor can perform another functionality..

Thank you all :)
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  1. Sorry for digging up a little older topic here, but I was curious about this also and found a way to do it in Linux. It causes major tearing of my screens, but it does allow two mice to have there own cursors. And before you ask I have a fairly powerful computer, I have a 3.6 Ghz CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 1 GB of video RAM.

    But in Linux (I'm using Ubuntu) open up a command prompt, and type in 'xinput' this will display your current pointing and keyboard devices. After you figure out which ones are your mice, remember the 'id' number of it. Next type in 'xinput create-master <name>' where name is the name of the new master, anything will do. Next type 'xinput' again and look at the 'id' number of the new pointer master. After you have both 'id's it's time to set one mouse to be on the new master with it's own cursor. Type in the following 'xinput reattach <mouse id> <master id>'. This will create a new cursor for you. If you want to revert back just replace the new master id you used with the master id of your old pointer master.

    P.S. All commands should be done without the quotes, and they should all be able to run without be superuser.

    Edit, after playing a little bit more, you might have to remove the old master before video will be returned back to normal. I did this blind, mainly because I know Linux command line pretty good. It you can get back to a terminal type in the following 'xinput remove-master <id>' id is the id of the new master you created.
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