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Hd 6850

i have a amd phemon II x4 840 3.2 and my gpu is a hd 6850 and my res will be 1280 by 1024 can i run games like gta 4, bf3, l4d2 and some older games
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  1. yes you can.
  2. so if i get a hd 6850 how much power do i need
  3. 430 Watt quality brand (Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ, XFX) would be enough.
  4. what about a 650 psu
  5. Yes, but it depends on the brand and model as Sunius has stated.

    Take a look at these recommended PSU's:
  6. i found a ocz 650 w psu
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    skitz9417 said:
    i found a ocz 650 w psu

    The OCZ ZS series are quality budget units. The 650W will be more than enough for the 6850.

    Here's a review on that unit:
  8. and i found 700 w psu
  9. higher wattage PSU doesn't always mean better. Also, it's useless to pay more for a higher wattage power supply if you don't need it.
  10. i think the 700 w spu will be more enough for my system
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