Htpc/gaming build help

Im building a computer after reading im guessing I3 core is the way to go with a discreet video card.

I want to be able to watch movies, record tv, hdtv 1080p, 3D Blueray, Play some games

Im not sure what components:

I have a 600W Power supply and Sata Drive

Suggestions Needed Please, Motherboard I Like Asus or Gigabyte Micro Atx form

Tv tuner I no what I want already
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  1. Im guessing the i3-2100 cpu would be fine, im outdated with all these chipsets so not sure which one. Also video card which one?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Well im guessing $500 I just want a good htpc with ok to good gaming
  4. What kind of PSU is it?
  5. Its a ocz 720w
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