New video card/PSU for Diablo 3

I have a budget build from a couple years ago. Cant afford to completely rebuild so i just want to add a new PSU and GPU so that i can run Diablo 3 at 1920x1080 on max settings at no less than 60fps.

I dont want to spend a ton of money, but im not going to cheap out and settle.

If anyone knows the cheapest(but quality) PSU/GPU combo that will max D3 at 1920x1080 please let me know.
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  1. You never told us your specs.

    As you can see in this benchmark, HD 6770 can do it easily and is cheaper than HD 6850:,review-32439-5.html

    I'd say you need at least 400 watt power supply to run it. I'd recommend Corsair CX 430.

    I didn't include the links to online shops because you didn't mention what country you were from.
  2. im from the US.

    im using a phenom II 9650 2.3ghz

    4gb ddr2 ram

    HIS ATI 5670 1GB

    Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H mobo

    i didnt put my specs because they are kind of irrelevant seeing as how i cant upgrade any right now.

    my psu is a no name brand that came with the case. it probably has the right wattage but not the right connecters and i dont want to risk a good video card with a bad PSU.

    The only problem with those benchmark charts is it says they just ran around the edges of old tristram, my current HIS ATI 5670 1gb ddr5 can run 40-60 fps around old tristram but once you get into act3-4 during a heavy fight it will drop down to 15-20 .
  3. same boat here ..I'm waiting for the 660ti but wanted to upgrade just enough over my 550ti (runs diablo3 at 50-60) ..I went to ebay and got me a 560ti the zotac OC one ..for less than 150...i know is a gamble but ..dont want to spent over 180 with S&H for just a temp upgrade. There where some 6970's that whent for less than 200 and I seen some cheap 6950's ...for psu .I only have corsair as an option lol this is what i have ...

    goes for 99 after rebate but there are some 650 ones for about 50 or 60 ..on newegg.

    The 550ti with 2gb will run d3 very well ..I guess the tom's review on D3 they did not used the 2gb one ..because I dont see the game going under 40's..most of the time if not all the time is at 50+ FPS and im yet to OC the card ...cant wait to try the 560ti i ordered be fair I did turn off shadows only everything else is on ...same resolution ..1920x1080. Why shadows off ..well I don't like them ..even on wow I turn them off lol ..
  4. I'm running it in full/high res, WINDOWED, on a Q9550/GTX470 w/8GB system RAM on some junky cheap mobo. It runs like a champ. You know tv's are typically broadcast/recorded at ~30fps?
  5. I was looking at an ATI 7750 just because it would not require a PSU upgrade seeing as how it only draws power through the MOBO like my 5670, but i dont want to be dissapointed and end up buying something else.

    ive been looking at the 6850

    and the 6870 as well

    any thoughts?
  6. newbcakes said:
    I'm running it in full/high res, WINDOWED, on a Q9550/GTX470 w/8GB system RAM on some junky cheap mobo. It runs like a champ. You know tv's are typically broadcast/recorded at ~30fps?

    Just because TVs record at 30 fps doesn't mean it's smooth. Check this:
  7. I am not sure if a gpu update alone would actually fix your problems. Your fps drops could also be explained by a cpu bottleneck.

    To give an example: I am currently upgrading my pc from a phenom II x4 b35 3,6 Ghz + HD 5770 to a i5 + gtx670 and since i have already bought the gtx 670 i am currently using it with my old cpu.

    Result: 100-120 fps in normal battles and in cities, but fps drops down to 20-25 in huge battle in act3+4.

    In comparision my old setup managed ~70fps in easier environments, but had the same drops to 20-25 fps in huge battles.

    My phenom II x4 b35 is a little bit faster than your cpu, but not much. So they should be relatively comparable.
  8. yes ive been worried that my cpu might be bottlenecking me, but ive been hoping it wasnt. i just dont have the money right now to rebuild completely. i was thinking if i upgraded PSU/GPU i can use those in my next build when the time comes.

    my goal is to build around an i5-2500k with about 8gbs of ram and an SSD
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