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Since I started building my desktop, my brother decided he wanted one as well. I have everything figured out, except for cpu, and since that, the mobo. I am getting an i5 2500k, but I have to ask to make sure.

He does some video making, and plays some games. (Not religiously, just for fun every once in a while).

He was looking at the i5 2500k vs. some of the top AMD cpus. He wants to overclock, but is worried about spending so much for the i5. He wants to overclock, something we can both learn at the same time (he says bonding, I say its another I'm better than you moment).

Honestly, which amd cpu would you choose as best to compare? And will he see any real difference? I don't mean the testing. I mean for surfing the web, watching movies, you know, normal day things. Will he see a noticeable difference?

I don't want to start a flamewar, I just want him to get the best for his money. If there isn't a real big difference between them, I'll suggest the cheaper alternative.
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  1. if its just casual use and he wants to overclock, use of a 965 BE(before it goes out of stock because of dropping supply) is a cheap alternative and is usually a processor some people will use. though its performance when overclocked will be closer to an i3 rather than an i5.
  2. AMD doesn't make high end CPUs, so I don't think there's an equivalent comparison between an overclocked i5-2500k and an AMD model. However for day-to-day tasks, you won't notice any benefit between a mid range cpu and a high end cpu. I would recommend the i3-2120 as an Intel processor, or the 965 BE as an AMD processor. They'll be able to perform day-to-day tasks perfectly well, while being able to play almost any game at an acceptable quality.
  3. you wouldn't recommend any of the newer AMD cpus? Is there something wrong with them?
  4. i would just get the intel, the i3 that chairman ray suggested would probably be good too
  5. But he wants to overclock, something you cannot do with the i3. He isn't looking for absolute best of everything, he wants something he can make his own. Overclocking is something he is dying to do.
  6. well then get the i5 2500k in my opinion, its expensive but it will be a good processor and is a known good overclocker if ive understood correctly from my reading around the forums
  7. The FX series cpus offered very little gain in performance against their previous Phenom counterparts.
  8. For a bit more $$, I would get the i5-3570K. It's worth it to get an Ivy Bridge CPU (over Sandy Bridge) when the cost difference is around $20 or so.

  9. i would also say that if your brother is like most people building a computer, after a few weeks of surfing the internet, watching youtube, etc, he will start wondering what else he can get out of the computer and when he does he'll probably wish he got the intel. just a hunch but i think itll happen haha
  10. the most he can do with getting an i5-2500k for a cheap price would be buying it used from someone who is selling it used. the seller will probably sell his/her mobo with it.
  11. Microcenter sells 2500k's for like $170 last I saw.
  12. He likes the Phenom II x4 and the AMD fx 4100. So thanks, I'll let him mull it over and choose between those 3
  13. DarkOutlaw said:
    Microcenter sells 2500k's for like $170 last I saw.

    Doesn't apply. Don't live near a Microcenter
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