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This is my first time building a PC and so far everything is good. I did an external build first to make sure everything powers up. I then proceeded to install everything into the case and hook up all the components. After getting everything all hooked up I noticed that the heatsink had twisted a little by about 1/8 of an inch. I moved it back inline. I checked all the bolts on it and everything is nice and snug like they say it should be. I dont want to over tighten is so all I did was just check the screws and everything was still snug. Its a 1155 processor. Should i be concerned. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  1. You should only be concerned if temps are high
  2. Which cpu cooler? My Hyper 212 Plus twists a bit. As long as all the bolts are on tight then I wouldn't worry about it. Also, check the temps under load using a program like Prime95 or Intel Burn Test.
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