Xfx 6950 worked fine now no signal

I just bought a xfx radeon 6950 2 gig about 3 days ago and installed it into my Dell xps 8300(windows 7 home64bit). The night before installing the card I did a complete factory os reinstallation and got all the latest updates to windows. Everything was working fine. I was in the middle of play my game (Diablo III) and the screen goes black, and I get the no input signal. I tried plugging the monitor into another computer using the same cables and it works fine. Ive even tried pluggin a different monitor into the same card and still get the no input signal. The graffics driver is up to date from amds catalyst control center.

Ive tried unplugging the computer and draining all power and rebooting which didnt work. Even opened the case and reseated the card (after discharging all static). Unplugged/reseated the ram sticks. Verified the power connections to the card and even checked for dust.

I dont understand how the card went from perfect working order to no input signal while the computer was on.

Note* on initial inspection I checked the cards temperature by touching the plastic and heat pipes. Everything was running cool to the touch.

Edit: Also there is no integrated display adapter on the motherboard
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  1. Ive reseated all power supply connections to the mother board and disc devices and the card magically started to work again. Would still greatly appreciate if someone could clarify what happened to help people with this problem in the future. Thanks! :wahoo:
  2. Hi

    The 460W PSU in your dell would have really struggled to power a HD6950 and the rest of your system...

    AMD recommend a 500W or greater PSU, so that may have been the cause of the crash, or just perhaps a loose cable.
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