Is a sound card worth it?

I'm building my computer, just using the integrated sound card. But how much of a difference will a sound card make? I don't plan on using surround sound ATM, but may use it in the future. If a sound card is worth it, which is the best one for under $50 ($50 is the max i could spend, and I would like one under 30)
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    Unless you're running a surround sound system that costs more than $150 bucks.. No its not, and even then the usefulness is questionable. Even cheaper motherboards these days have pretty high quality support for surround sound.
  2. The integrated sound on most mobos' are very good now and unless you're an audiophile or prepared to spend 2-4 times your budget on a sound card I wouldn't bother. I stopped using add-on soundcards 8 years ago and have never regretted the decision. Just my opinion though and audiophiles would probably disagree with me.
  3. not much of an audiophile so i guess thats that
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  5. You can get a noticeable improvement in audio quality from the Asus Xonar DG/DGX cards that cost about $30 even with a 2.1 setup.
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