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I want to ask the forum goers for some help finding a laptop with some gaming capabilities, i would not be building so i am just wondering which forum is appropriate.
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  1. Do you have to have a laptop for gaming? I'm sorry, but laptops completely suck for gaming purposes. Just about everyone on this forum is going to recommend you build your own desktop. They're much cheaper and more powerful. However, if you absolutely have to have a pre-built gaming laptop, I'll try and give you a few links/recommendations.
  2. How much are you willing to spend?
  3. depends on your budget, just be warned that laptops will at least have 1.5x the cost per performance compared to the desktop counterpart
  4. Well I need a laptop for college and I my stepdad told me he would foot the bill. Realistically since he keeps bringing up macs I have a price range between 800-1200 maybe up to 1500 but that's only if I can find something that much better that it's worth my own money. I would like to do a cheap laptop then get a desktop for gaming but logistically with the space I would have in a dorm, the fairly constant moving I would have to do and the fact that I can't justify asking for two computers. I know a desktop is better but I would need some way to take notes. If you guys now of any good cloud system that would let me use my kindle and iPhone in class then transfer them wirelessly I would definitely go for building a much better 1200 machine. Tomorrow I'll fill the template out just I need to figure out the logistics concerning notes.
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