I7 870 Overclocking Humming from motherboard

Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my trusty i3 540 cpu with an i7 870.
The i3 was overclocked for 2+ years at 3800mhz with 1.23vcore with no problems what so ever.
Motherboard is gigabyte h55m usb3 with 4+2+2 power phases also very reliable untill now.
I have overclocked the i7 relativly mildly to 3674mhz(HT on) with 167 bclk. Voltages are: 1.17 vcore, 1.170 VTT, 1,56 RAM(1333)
During my initial stress tests(prime95, Intel burn test) I didnt notice any weird sound.
Temps are excellent, 61C max on intel burn test. Also the wattage displaid on Hardware Monitor is around 125watt for standard IBT
Yesterday I disabled HT to do some tests and when I run prime a weird hissing noise started. Not very loud but you can hear it over the fans. It is not coming from the fan as I run prime with the fan blocked by my hand to check(only for a moment :P). So I guess it is coming from the vrm circuit chokes?
I also enabled HT and the hissing sound is the same.
So the question is, is my mobo with its 4+2 power phases incapable of handling this mild oc? Maybe the components are starting to fail?
I will run some other test with other frequencies to determine if this is an oscillation issue...
Any advice on this would be appreciated! thank you
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  1. - Try toggling or cycling Spread Spectrum in the BIOS.
    - Adjust your O/C by 0.1 MHz up/down.
    - Try underclocking 20% and see if the problem (noise) goes away.

  2. well I disabled load line calibration and the noise is gone!
    I set the voltage to normal + a little offset and it is stable at 3674
    Vcore is between 0.9 and 1.18 at full load! :wahoo:
  3. I just tried the load line disable to cut the noise on my board and it's worked also. Not only has it stopped the noise I was getting when overclocking the 870 on a gigabyte H55 UDH2, also since disabling it I'm getting MUCH better CPU temps!? Like 20c lower! I'm not sure if the reporting was incorrect perhaps or maybe a fault with loadline setting on this board?
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