Is my processor still ok?

Hey guys, I was just wondering where my processor stands at this moment in time, I got it roughly 1 year ago and I've noticed a lot of people now have over 3.00ghz processors. I'm not sure if this makes too much of a difference. Is my processor still good for casual gaming and maybe some games in higher graphics? I know this depends more on your graphics card but if you excluded that from the equation, do you think it is good quality and will give me some good performance?

Processor - AMD A8-3870K APU (3.0GHz, 4 Cores) & AMD Radeon™ HD 6550D Graphics

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. It's not so much the GHZ speed anymoer as it is the processor you have. For instance... Sandy bridge @ 4.5 = Ivy bridge @ 4.2. So even thou it's a higher clock it's performance is the same.

    If your worried about your processors performance you can always OC. Just a quick search and I believe the "sweet" spot for your chip is around 3.5ghz so you could get a little more out of your current proc.

    Also, The misconception that Graphics is 90% of gaming is a big one :/. It is.. And isn't. It all depends on the game and the game entirely. For instance, WoW and KO are two titles that depend HEAVILY on the proc. You can max out WoW with only a 550 as long as your processor is good enough. Granted there are a lot of games that require a better graphics card. But it all comes down to what the user is playing and going to use the machine for.

    Here is a thread talking about the same Chip you have.
  2. OC to 3.5ghz, 8GB of ram, stick in HD6570 for xfire.
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