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Installed I7, Computer mass restarting.

Hello, I just got my new I7 and I replaced it with my old 2550k I5, I didnt do anything I even remotely questioned when installing it as its a very simple process. When I turned my pc on, it started up and within 5 seconds turned off and then turned back on a second after that. I took it apart and looked to see if i didnt place it in correctly but theres only 1 way the cpu can really go into the snap. I tried again but same issue. Im running a 750W PSU, 480 GTX, 8gb ddr3, My monitor doesnt come on during startup/bios screen for some reason so i cant even tell you if its reaching the bios screen. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Did you put the 2550 back in and see if the issue persists ?
  2. testing that as we speak, will reply when i turn it on.
  3. I put my i5 2550k back in, and just plugged the power into the psu and turned it on, 25 seconds later i turned it off, its not having the same issue as the i7. i literally just got the i7 1 hour ago. could it be faulty? Mabye i didnt place it in tight enough?
  4. i reinstalled the i7, it has the same restarting issue. both are same socket so its not that, my psu is 750w so its not like its not enough power. theres no beeping prior to turning off, im able to skype with my laptops webcam in realtime if someone can help me out better that way.
  5. Which motherboard and which i7 is it? If it's ivy bridge it could be a compatability problem. Try updating the bios, hopefully it will fix it.
  6. What's the motherboard and which i7? Might seem like a silly question but I've seen it before: You are using thermal grease and a heatsink right?
  7. my motherboard is -
    my i7 is an intel core i7, 3770k lga 1155, it is an ivy bridge aswell

    Yes i am using thermal paste and a heatsync
  8. how would I go ahead an update the bios? is that like f10 during startup? or would I need to actually install a n ew version with my i5, then try my i7??
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    Yes you need the i5 to update the BIOS. Reinstall the i5 and go into the BIOS. The procedure to enter the BIOS is in your manual, it's usually the delete key or some F key. Check the BIOS revision. And update to the newest BIOS via the instructions in your manual. You'll want to download the newest BIOS from your motherboard's support page that you linked. If your board's current BIOS revision is less than F9, it won't support an Ivy Bridge CPU.
  10. There is a bios that specifically adds support for IvyBridge. I would update the bios and see if this fixes it.
  11. And if its F9 currently, what would the issue be?
  12. chrisangus said:
    And if its F9 currently, what would the issue be?

    If you are already on the newest BIOS then it's probably a bad chip. If the BIOS update doesn't do it, try resetting CMOS after installing the i7 (instructions in your manual). Other than that, you can try the i7 in a different compatible motherboard to fully determine whether the chip is bad. It could be a DOA chip, but the next thing to do is make sure your board has a compatible BIOS.
  13. soo now i installed my i5, put it into my pc and hooked everything up, its running fine as I could hear it startup with my headset and skype sound but my monitor wont turn on, i tried my secondary monitor in both slots but no luck. im going to open it and look at the gpu now.
  14. on startup its making a loud beep noise now, what would that indicate
  15. With the i5 installed, make sure the graphics card is fully seated in the primary PCIe slot (closest to the CPU) and powered. Reset the CMOS. I assume that is the same configuration you had when the system was working properly before the upgrade. So I assume that should work, right?
  16. i just moved it to the primary pcie slot, it was in the secondary one since i got the card a few months back. ill try to turn it on, how do i reset the cmos?
  17. Read page 30 of your manual. Clear CMOS jumper. Place a jumper on the clear_cmos jumper or short the pins with a screwdriver. Make sure the computer is off and unplugged from the wall when doing so. And make sure you remove the jumper before plugging back in and powering up. Essentially you are resetting the board to its defaults.
  18. ahh moving it to the primary slot allowed the monitor to come on, and come on fast so i could see the bios screen, havent seen that in months! and the bios version is f4, ima go update it then give an update here, thanks so much so far guys i really appreciate it
  19. ^^^Excellent. Follow all instructions from Gigabyte and update your BIOS. That should fix your problem with the i7. Good luck!
  20. i installed the updated bios f9, i ran it but it seems it didnt work i checked my cmos and its still on f4, do i need to do something else?
  21. Also - it's best to run your card in the primary slot on that motherboard. The 2nd slot should only be used for a 2nd card in SLI.
  22. I went back to check my installer, and i forgot to run it, i try to run it and it tells me its not 64 bit so i run it as administrator, it opens the cmd for a split second and nothing else happens, i restart my pc thinking its done, bios version is still f4. what now? :/
  23. The procedure is listed starting on page 66 of the manual. Did you follow that procedure and did you see those screens they show in the manual? Usually after a BIOS update, they tell you to enter the BIOS and tell it to "Load optimized defaults", save and reboot. Did you do all that?
  24. chrisangus said:
    I went back to check my installer, and i forgot to run it, i try to run it and it tells me its not 64 bit so i run it as administrator, it opens the cmd for a split second and nothing else happens, i restart my pc thinking its done, bios version is still f4. what now? :/

    Use the updater that is embedded in the BIOS itself it's called Q-Flash. And use a USB stick.
  25. I dont currently have a usb drive are there alternative methods?
  26. im using the @bios utility the gigabyte mobo came with seems to be working for updating. EDIT - Its now at f9 so im going to try to install the f7 again, i truly appreciate all the help everyone has given me up to this point. thanks so much guys
  27. so it seems to be working, i plugged it in and its not shutting off on its own now, the only issue left is my monitor wont display anything again, looks as if its not powered up by the computer its in its like idle sleep mode atm, ima try to replug it in and if it doesnt work i may need more help :( thanks so far tho <3
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