I accidently hooked up the 6 pin pci cord from the power supply to my hard disk.

No idea how I did this, I really am clueless. My power supply is this

RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-630SS 630W ATX12V V2.2/ EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply, New Version with Build-in LED Fan On/Off Switch

I'm new to this, so I'll try to explain what happened. On this power supply, it has a wire coming out that says
PCI-E - My boyfriend hooked that wire up to a red cable, I think they're called sata or adatas or something, I don't know lol..

Then he hooked that up to my hard disk.

But then.. It puffed smoke. I asked this before but I don't think I was very articulate.

I'm not even sure that's what actually happened, I just think it was. When I was packing up the PSU for an RMA thats when I noticed the cables.. and I thought "Huh.. my video card is PCI-E but it doesn't need any power, so what's this for?"
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  1. It is impossible to hook a pci-e power cable to a hard disk, either SATA or PATA.

    The worst you could do was force the cable into the motherboards aux power near the cpu socket, as they do similar, which could blow the motherboard.
  2. But the motherboard was working. In the very last picture on the PSU I posted, he hooked up those black cables to the HDD. So.. if he didn't do it wrong, the PSU was just defective??? I'm really upset I lost all my pictures and stuff..

    Did he hook the red wire up to the black wire then up to the HDD??

    I'm not looking to be angry at my husband or anything like that, I just want to know exactly what happened so it doesn't happen with the one I just ordered! haha
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    did the same thing lol, actually i did it 2x once where i did the same exact thing as you and another but reverse, i used the black lines to power my 7950 and poof done. Im currently trying to figure out if the red lines that connect to the pcie 6 and 8 pin cable is bad or did i just really mess up. But in response to your problem, if he does recconnect it to the black square lines it should be fine but yes the drive is done for
  4. To explain what she means is the power supply has marked in red the line for the video card 6+2pin but they use the exact same connector as the regular molex and sata lines...this seems to be a problem really when 1 you dont realize it or 2 you are in a rush like i was and just hooked it up as fast as possible. I believe everything should be fine from here out as long as you dont connect any sata or molex connector lines to that red connector, only the 6+2pin connector for a video card requiring one
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