HD 6570 not OC'ing

So i recently got a 6570 and stuck it in the 745 SFF. I put in the drivers and CCC but CCC wont load, so i installed Sapphire's Trixx utility. In their gadget it tells me my gpu is running at 100mhz core and 150mhz memory. However, in the overclock page by default its showing 650/800 and the main page says Clocks: 650/1600 mhz.
Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Is the gpu not being supplied with enough power?

Oh, and i dont know if it matters but im on a PCI-E 1.1 and using the computer through remote desktop.

Edit: I saw it isint supported for Trixx, but does anyone know why CCC wont open up or why im being told its at 100/150?
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  1. I got Catalyst Control Center however it is still telling me its at 100/150

    Edit: Nevermind, i just saw it pop up to 400 before going down, however it wont allow me to oc past 675 which is just 25 past default
  2. Because of your 1.1 PCI slot. It can't feed it enough watts I do believe. Need a mobo upgrade sounds like.
  3. I got it working with MSI Afterburner and im running skyrim however it is only using 20-30% of gpu and its going at 17 fps. Could the CPU be bottlenecking it? (Pentium D 2.66
    GHZ). Also, im moving to a full atx case soon so i will have a micro atx mobo.

    Edit: I think it is the CPU, i set all skyrim options on low and im still averaging 18 fps, i think once i get the new board im going to put in a 3.4ghz dual core i have around here.
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