Problems Networking Win2K and Win98

Has anyone had any luck getting Win2K and Win98 PC's to communicate over a network?

I have a pre-existing network of two Win98 SE machines connected to a hub, and I'm trying to connect a Win2K system for online gaming. So far we've had almost no luck.

The network itself is a standard ethernet network with CAT5 cables and a 5-port Linksys hub. Nothing unusual about it whatsoever, and all cables have been tested. The two networked Win98 systems are home-built machines, built using standard components and standard Linksys ethernet cards. Connected to each other, the network functions flawlessly.

His system is a new Dell Inspiron 8000 Win2K laptop with built-in ethernet port. All of us are on the same domain, and have our systems set to assign IP addresses automatically.

Right now, any time he we connect his laptop to the network, suddenly the two Win98 machines can no longer see each other on the Network Neighborhood, and only his machine shows up. But when we try to access his system via Network Neighborhood from the other machines, we receive the message "You must supply a password to make this connection" and the path is shown as "\\KAMIKAZIL\IPC$". The bizarre thing is, his system is named Kamikazil but none of his drives are shared as "IPC$". Neither of us have any idea where "IPC$" came from. He also does not remember ever specifying a password.

Anyway, he has established full access rights to his system using "Users and Password" under the Control Panel, as well as through Windows File Sharing, but we still keep getting this message that a password is needed. All attempts to connect to each other using online games (TA, UT, etc) have also failed. HOWEVER, he is able to access the shared drives on the two Win98 systems.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. So the win98 system isn't able to see the win2k system?
    That's about right. There's some 'extra' features you'll have to turn on for win2k. You have to share the folders/drive, with at least read permissions, and enable about 3 services (computer browser, server, and networking). The 'ipc' stuff you're seeing is an 'administrative' share that is set up on every single win2k machine, by default. I've not really ever looked into why it is there, so in the meantime, I just consider it a backdoor for msft to use.......
  2. As mentioned, the ipc$ is a default share created by windows 2k, in order for another pc oto connect, either enable the guest account, or create new users with the names of the other pc's. Also you will be as well to create a new share on the drive(s) on the 2k machine.

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