PC crashes when playing SWTOR and CIV 5


I have been trying to play SWTOR on my PC and it crashes after 5min to 3 hours of play. I tried to adjust the settings but no matter what it continues to crash. Here is my build

Win 8 Consumer Preview
Intel i7
Radeon HD 5850 card-Driver up to date
WD Caviar Black 1tb
Corsair TX650w Power supply
Biostar T-Series Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 2gb x2 memory
Corsair water cooler

Please advise me on what is going on.
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  1. Hi :)

    You realise 8 is a BETA ??

    They dont guarantee ANYTHING will work with it.....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I agree.
    There's no point in troubleshooting unless you are using a previous Windows version.

    Seriously though, install or reinstall a previous version of Windows. If you don't have one because you built a new system intending to put on Windows 8 I don't know what to tell you.

    I hate the new Windows 8 interface so I'm not even sure what to tell people who are buying a new PC. Normally this close to a new release I'd say WAIT for the new Windows. Windows 7 is great (OEM is $100 for Windows 7 Premium 64-bit).

    Windows 8 is the future. My hope is that they listen to the TONNES of complaints and add a TOGGLE button so that we can simply toggle between Metro UI and a Windows 7 desktop (including the Start Button and Start Menu).

    As for hardware, you should:
    1) make sure your motherboard BIOS is up to date, and
    2) set your CPU and RAM to default values (at least for troubleshooting), and
    3) run MEMTEST ( www.memtest.org )
  3. Update

    I installed a Hardware monitor. I was playing SWTOR and my Graphics card temp went to a max of 79C! This seems really high. It said the max temp for TMPINO (I admit I don't know what this is) was 79C and the GPU was a max of 60C. Also my processor had a max of 67C. It's a little warm in the room i'm playing in, 80F. Is this possibly my issue:?
  4. temps for graphics cards in the 80-90 range is not out of the Norm. they do run much hotter than CPU's.

    does the system crash in any other games?
  5. I only have those 2 games installed but both tend to crash the computer
  6. I did notice in my BIOS settings that it's set to shut down at 60C for the CPU temp, Is it safe to raise this to 70C or 75C?
  7. GPUs can get to 80-90 that is normal.. as the above poster said Graphics cards run hotter than CPUs. This is totally normal. CPUs do not run this hot. I would advise against raising the auto shut down because you could potentially burn your CPU. This is not a graphics card heat issue. You are using a Beta version of windows meaning your version of windows has not been released for general use. It will be very buggy. Things will crash for no reason what-so-ever. Go back to your previous version of windows and if the issues keep occurring then post it on the forum and we can help you. There is no point in anyone trying to help you right now when the operating system is likely the cause of the issue entirely.
  8. The games were crashing my computer when I had windows 7 installed. I was also having issues with programs not installing in windows 7, I figured I had a virus that I could not remove. I do not have my windows 7 disk anymore but I am going to buy one in the next couple days. This is why I did not just restore windows 7 and went with the free install of windows 8... I am beginning to think that my corsair water cooler is faulty... Is there a way to check it? the piece that attaches to my chip[ is warm and the radiator is also warm. I'm pretty sure the radiator should be warm.
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