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I am helping put together a multimedia PC for my sister and her son and I need a little help with the cable management. The build focuses on both video editing and gaming and here are the parts we ordered:

If I route the 8 pin CPU power connector behind the motherboard tray, will it be long enough to connect? If not, would you recommend ordering an 8 pin extension cable?
I have used small zip ties in a couple other systems in the past, but the results typically looked pretty messy. Overall, I want a clean look to the tower once everything is plugged in. Any recommendations on parts that I can use to improve the "neatness" of the case would be appreciated.

My nephew showed an interested in adding lights inside the case. Is this a good option?
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  1. the 8 pin connector should reach as thats a quality psu maker

    some cases come with a 8 pin extension cable anyway--dont know about that one

    the best way to improve the neatness of cabling is to take your time doing it --best cabling i have seen on here is probably by

    moto--hes a bit ocd about it :D

    pretty goods parts list by the way
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