Need to upgrade this CPU - FX4100 Help!

Here are my specs:
FX-4100 Quad core OC to 4GHz
8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
Radeon 6850 DirectCUII 1GB
M5A88-M Mobo

I have a £140 budget to upgrade my CPU (I think it's my CPU)
I know the FX is crap and I'm pretty sure thats the thing screwing me over, If I go for a phenom II x6 1045t would I see a sustained improvement?
I want to run games in ultra (not bothered about AA) like:
Planetside 2

Please if you could recommend an AM3+ CPU I would be grateful!
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  1. if you want to run games in ultra you need a better graphics card
  2. The CPU is fine.

    For Ultra, I will assume you mean @ 1080p.

    The 7850 will be a 30% improvement. Ideally, sell your 6850 (They go for £60-£80 used, £70 usually.) on Ebay.

    Might even be possible to find a buyer on Toms. I'd buy it from you, but I've yet to receive my debit card transaction-thingy.
  3. Edit: Anyways what resolution are you playing at? At low resolutions you don't really need a really powerful video card.
  4. Buy a better graphic card.
  5. Really 6850 is lacking? I play at 1080p. I always hear how about fx4100 is bad :s Ok so far I think I might just upgrade the gpu then. If it's certain I will see an improvement.
  6. Any other opinions?
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