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pagefile after ReadyBoost is installed

What should it be set at? I have 1.5 GB and 5 GB of ready boost. Only one processor @ 1.6 MHz.. Any help be greatly appreciated. Using Windows 7 Ultimate.
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    Windows is pretty good at that these days. I don't think I'd mess with it.

    But, if you have 8+GB of RAM and an SSD you can completely disable it and see if you have any issues from programs. Been running without a pagefile since April of this year with no problems.
  2. When you say 8 GB of ram, do you understand that 5 GB is used with memory stick (Ready Boost)? Also since you disabled the paging file have you seen a difference in speed? That is if your running Ready Boost like me.
  3. Since I'm running an SSD, a memory stick isn't value-added since the access and reads are faster than the USB interface.

    Think I'd only try turning page off with 8GB or actual RAM. If not, I'd let Windows manage the page file by itself.

    Not sure if there is a speed difference since I've never had the page file on with this build.
  4. There is no reason whatsoever to disable the pagefile.
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