Hello, how can i configure the 4 laptops to connect to a switch for gaming?
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  1. I'm going to assume you are using a consumer switch, which are almost always unmanaged. There shouldn't be anything you need to configure on the switch, just plug in the laptops. The configuration will need to be done on the laptops and/or in the game. Are you trying to setup a LAN game for just the 4 laptops or are you doing something else? If you include what game you are using and what OS you use it would help.
  2. Hi..i provides Cisco switch configuration commands here....

    Cisco Switch Configuration Commands

    It is important to know the basic cisco switch configuration with the cisco switch configuration commands and basic operational cisco switch commands to surly execute the performance of any internetwork.

    Here are some basic configuration and operation commands of cisco switches:

    interface vlan 1: This is a global command used to configure the interface for VLAN.

    ip default-gateway [address]: This is a global command and set default gateway.

    ip address [address][subnet mask]: This command is used to configure the interface and set the ip address

    interface fast Ethernet 0/x: This command put user into user configuration mode.

    speed {10/100/1000/auto/nonegotiate}: This command set the speed of the interface.

    duplex {auto/full/half}: This command sets duplex mode for interface.

    switchport port-security mac-address: This command statically adds MAC address as allowed address on the port.

    switchport port-security mac-address sticky: This command tells switch to learn MAC addresses on the interface and add as secure MACs.

    switchport port-security violation {protect/restrict/shutdown}: This command tells switch what to do if an appropriate MAC tries to access through secure switch port.

    switchport port-security maximum [value]: This command allowed max of secure MAC on the interface.

    hostname [name]: This command assigns hostname to the switch.

    line vty 0 15: This command enters vty configuration mode.

    line con 0: This command enters console configuration mode.

    login: This command tells switch to ask for password.

    password[password]: This command sets the password.

    enable password [password]: This command sets password to enter privileged mode.

    enable secret [password]: This command sets encrypted password.

    configure terminal: This command enters configuration mode.

    show interfaces fastethernet 0/x: This command displays interface status.

    show interfaces: This command displays information about specific interface.

    show interfaces vlan 1: This command displays the ip address configuration.

    show [running/startup]-config: This command displays RAM/NVRAM settings.

    show-mac-address-table: This command displays the MAC address table.

    show port-security: [interface] [address]: This command shows security options on the interface.

    show version: This command displays the hardware and software status of the switch.

    show flash: This command displays the files and directories reside in the flash.

    show history: This command displays the last ten commands.

    erase startup-config: This command erases startup configuration.

    If you can follow the above commands ,you do the switch configurations successfully.....
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