Is my HDD dead?

My secondary HDD drive is not responding. I had an short somehow in one of my case fans that killed my computer recently (meaning, it shorted out the psu, the fan was plugged directly into a molex connector, not through the mobo). I've corrected that problem and everything is working fine except my secondary HDD.

All other peripherals/drives work fine. All other drives work fine no matter which SATA port I plug them in to and no matter which power cable I use. I'm taking my HDD to a friends house to plug it in to his computer and see if it works, but so far by process of elimination, I'm guessing my HDD fried somehow when my psu shut itself off from the short caused by my case fans (is that possible?)

Neither windows nor my bios/uefi recognize the drive, or even recognize that anything is plugged into the port no matter which port I use.

Is there anything else I'm missing here? Something else I could try? It's not the end of the world for me if I have to replace this drive, but I really don't want to.
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  1. While I wouldn't call it dead until you've tested it with a different SATA power cable from the PSU and different SATA cable in two different computers, I would certainly say that things are not looking good for that HDD.
  2. I'd certainly much rather lose my HDD than my mobo, strictly from a "easier to replace" standpoint. Thankfully it's only a month old so I haven't really put much on it except photoshop, steam and some games. All my files I care about are on an external, so it's no love lost, but yes, I've tried every combination of power cable, sata cable and sata port and no dice.

    of course I'm a few days past 30 to return it to newegg so hopefully Seagate will be easy to work with.
  3. run chkdsk it might work out but if its not than use Bios to detect your HDD.
    My HDD is now realy unstable! pecouse when I turn on my PC 1) he starts restarting marathon 2) Stucks (?) 3 Strange sounds and beeps
    If I won't repair it I will lost 500GB !
  4. unfortunately BIOS does not detect the HDD, already tried :(
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