Asus 6850 Malfunctioning

Right, I'm new here, so apologies for any newbish errors.

I turned on the PC, and it suddenly restarted. The fan on the Graphics Card suddenly accelerated to 100% and is now stuck there. I have tried 'turning it off and on again', I have unplugged and re-plugged it, I have checked the connections, and checked the monitor. I have reinstalled the correct Catalyst software, with no hope. I had the option upon startup to 'Launch Startup Repair', of which I did and it said it had to be done manually.

The problem is, the fan speed is stuck, and my monitor does not pick up the signal, if there is one, that is.

My System Specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition
Dirext X - (DirectX 9.0c)
CPU - Intel i5 Sandybridge 2500k, 2nd Gen, 3.3Ghz
Built in Graphics - Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 (3955292 KB)
Actual Graphics Card - ASUS EAH6850 Direct CU (The one I am having trouble with)
RAM - 2x4GB

Please, any help is appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. Had this problem once with a Zotac motherboard. Their support was utterly useless, but I eventually determined it was their motherboard. Problem was just like yours. GPU fan runs at 100% as soon as you turn it on, no signal from the motherboard. Seemed to be that their piece of *** motherboard was failing to detect the card properly.

    See if you can disable your onboard graphics in the BIOS. That piece of *** Zotac board I had wouldn't let me manually control which GPU was used, and it instead insisted that it was capable of automatically detecting the correct card (it clearly wasn't.)

    Did I mention that I hate Zotac and their shitty hardware and useless support that takes 48 hours to respond to your emails to tell you to do things you already did, and which you explained in great detail in the first message?
  2. if the onboard video is working..see if gpu-z see the video card. if it does not power down and place the card in another video slot and see if it works. if not see if your video card has the ati switch that has a back up bios. some ati cards have this some dont. you could have a power supply issue where the leg running the video card went dead. on a part failed on the video card.if the temp sensor failed or the card over heated it would cause a reboot. all video cards have a bios like a mb it check that the fan and temp sensor is working..most gpu fans should spin down unless the fan profile is the driver gets damaged or the card goes bad. one thing i would check with a flashlight is see if you can see or smell anything cooked on your video card.
  3. Will try, and will update with status. However, in regards to Reply #1, there is no setting to disable the onboard VGA(Or whatever it is), only Enable and Auto. Its a Gigabyte motherboard should that help you further

    Thanks for both of your help!
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