7850 iceq, msi, or asus

Hello everyone. I need a video card for my new build and wanted your opinion on which brand i should get.

there is the 7850 iceq comes out $258


MSI TF OC comes out $260


asus $250 when its back in stock and am not too fond of the over-sized cooler but heared good reviews


or should I w8 for the MSI power edition which will be around $265



As you can see prices are too close to decide based on a few dollars difference. I am looking for your guys' opinion on which of these brands is more reliable and overclocks more consistently. personal experience with the cards would be great too.

Thank you. :D
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  1. A 7850 OC is a good value. As far as which brand you want, it depends on the cooler you want. MSI has good craftsmanship when it comes to their graphics cards.
  2. If you are not in too much hurry, I say wait for the new MSI. But if you are in a hurry, get the other MSI. The dual fan is not bad. It will make it quieter & cooler than the single fan iceQ. I have iceQ myself ( but different chips ) & did not like it. I have to replace it with bifrost after market vga cooler.
  3. did u not like it because of noise level or high temps?

    also it kinda sucks seeing ppl in the UK alrdy having received their MSI PE and we cant even order anywhere here in the US.
  4. nubzy said:
    did u not like it because of noise level or high temps?

    No, i really did not like it to the point that I am willing to spend $35 more for a dual fan after market vga cooler. From then one I made the resolution to buy only dual fan models.
  5. cmon guys need more opinion. there must be a ton of u out there who own one of these cards or know someone who does. do anyone of them overclock more consistently?
  6. The power edition is a great card according to the review you linked. It looks to even be a better value than the current 7870.
  7. I would also like to hear ppl opinion on this. I myself am waiting on the MSI PE but am getting impatient w8ing for it when EU alrdy got theirs and we dont even have a release date in the US and I want to start building alrdy esp if it wont make much of a difference. so am still looking at these brands as well.
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