IBM 75gig/ASUS P4t

I read somewhere that there was a glitch that would not let
the 75GXP work with Intel 850 chipset. Will the 75GXP or any other large/fast drive work with a P4T/I850?
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  1. I have heard that there have been some BIOS problems with that particular board, but this supposed to have been fixed with an update. This might have affected the BIOS's ability to correctly identify the hard drive ... but that's just a guess, and I'd have to do some research on the subject to be sure. I'll get back to you if I find anything relevant on the subject.

    However, the point of my posting is that I am sure that the 850 chipset works with these drives ... I have two of them. (I'm on my second board with the 850 ... no drive problems.) Perhaps the person with the glitch had not correctly installed the chipset drivers and/or a patch needed for the OS.


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  2. Update:

    I've been searching for the past hour, (must have been to 30 different forums and sites) looking for a reference to a problem with this mainboard, specifically, in regards to BIOS issues, or problems with the IBM 75GXP hard drives.

    I didn't find anything, anywhere. Just the normal user errors, like confusion over dip switches, jumperless modes, voltages, etc. Most people seem to like it quite a bit, but I noticed that due to the rather tight tolerances for the quad-pumped FSB, not many people are overclocking the board.

    The latest BIOS updates for the board are as such:

    Add micro-code support for P4 CPU stepping C.
    Add RDRAM turbo mode option in BIOS setup menu.
    Fix CPU voltage setting will reset when rebooting the system.
    Change DMI CPU family from Pentium III to Pentium Processor family.
    Clear CMOS contents if RTC power fail status bit is set.
    Improve CPU temperature reading accuracy.
    Add support for Remote Lockout version 1.1.
    Fix SMBIOS error in the implementation.
    Skip extented memory erasure when enabling quick POST item.
    Revise POST memory management codes.
    Save PCI devices command byte data before S3 suspend

    This is for the last two BIOS versions, the most recent of which on the website is p4t1004. I did find some references to a newer BIOS, 1005, but this is obviously a beta, and must have obtained directly from Asus, or from the system manufacturer.

    There <i>were</i> certainly some previous BIOS issues ... but they appear to have been resolved. If people are still having problems, they aren't doing much posting.

    If I may ask, can you remember where you found the post about the incompatibilities between the board and this brand of hard drive? Post a link if you can ... I'd like to check it out.

    Note: There are no problems with my Gigabyte GA-8TX and these hard drives.


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  3. WOW, what a great forum! Thanks Toejam31 for the great response and I really appreciate the effort. I have not been
    able to find the original post of the prob but it talked
    about trying to format the drive and about half way through
    the machine up and said it could not find the drive. There was also a link to IBM or Intel that said they were working onthe problem.
    Since the problem seems to be fixed I can order the drive.
    Thanks a lot.
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