Office ninja gaming

Just got a new comically mission specific office desktop.
Dell Optiplex 790 I7 8gb ram
Crunches numbers like a champ!

Two GPUs pushing three monitors...... can't game at all!

So I'm the only one working tomorrow.
I brought in my modest GTS 250....F@%$# Dell doesn't provide a 6pin power connector!!!

If I bring in my PSU, can I half install it?
Just plug in the 6pin?

Or maybe have the case open, psu next to it with all major connection in?

Is it too risky, will I damage anything, what do you think?

P.S. home computer is on it's last leg and I'm curious to see what the GTS 250 can do as the bottleneck
P.P.S. and I'm on a mission.....from god :sol:
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  1. I know it's possible to use multiple PSUs, but I couldn't tell you how.

    Good luck on your mission! You carry us all with you!
  2. you did not read a 4 pin molex to 6 pin cable from micro center...that if you mb has another video card slot.
    bad side is if there running any keystoke program or look at the hardd drive after you leave there going to be game files still left on the work pc. also if it a good size company the have ip sniffer programs go to the wrong web page and a warning might pop up and to pc mac addy might be logged. if dont want to buy a can green wire a ps use tech use this for test benches and ps test where you get those mb failures when system has no power but you want to know if it the mb or ps. so you green wire a ps and check the voltages.
  3. no no, small company, all systems go on the software side.
    Even got steam going
  4. ooo 4 pin molex to 6 pin cable was a good idea, but Dell doesn't even provide a 4pin!!
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    You can probably steal a molex connector from a CD/DVD drive. Every PSU I've ever seen has 4 pin molex cables.

    So, barring some better solution, you could install your games via CD/DVD (if necessary), power off the computer, steal the molex cable from the DVD drive and convert it to 6 pin PCIe for your video card and be good to go.
  6. This green wire you speak of..
    Does this look legit? :pfff:
  7. "You can probably steal a molex connector from a CD/DVD drive. Every PSU I've ever seen has 4 pin molex cables."

    Dude it's a Dell :pt1cable:
  8. Yeah, that's the paperclip trick. There's always exactly one green wire on each ATX PSU. Doesn't matter what brand. It's a really handy trick to know.

    Now, I've never tried it to use a second power supply. I can't see any reason it wouldn't work, but I'm not really comfortable telling people to do things I've never done myself.
  9. AH!!! check this out
    I didn't know you could go from sata to 6pin!

    Gentlemen :sol: No work Friday is on!!
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