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Hello! I'm not exactly sure where this thread should go, but I figured it relates to building PC's as it's part of it. Anyways, I bought this TV for about $250 probably 3-4 years ago. I know it's not a great gaming monitor, as it is old. But my question is, is it still good and will it work? I plan to upgrade it eventually but for my first build, I'd like to spend the $150 for a monitor elsewhere(I actually don't have an extra $150 to spare). So yes, here it is. Thanks in advance for looking!
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    Yes you can use the tv for your monitor and you can use the HDMI connection.
  2. inzone said:
    Yes you can use the tv for your monitor and you can use the HDMI connection.

    Thank you for the response! Okay. Now...I use HDMI? I'm a bit confused. Normally monitors have a blue plug in on the back, you plug it in and then you screw it in with attached thumbscrew type things. I don't use that but rather and HDMI cable? My TV supports both, it's labeled "HDMI IN" and "PC IN" so yeah just a little confused on the purpose of each one and which one I need.
  3. I had said the HDMI because it was the better connection but you can use both , unless you have an older video card you won't have that blue connector on the video card and you will have to use an adaptor.
  4. Wait...I can use both :O Will that lead to a better connection?
  5. No, when I said both I ment that you could use either of them , using both at the same time will not lead to a better connection.
  6. Ah alright. You said earlier the HDMI will lead to a better connection. So I will buy one of them, thanks!
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  8. The HDMI is a digital connection and even if you don't need to use the audio portion of the cable the video is digital and will give you the best oportunity for a better picture.
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