Do i have to reapply thermal paste?

Hi, i need to know if i have to reapply thermal paste when i took the heatsink off for ~5 seconds? The parts are brand new.
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  1. Yes, you'll have to clean the old one and reapply new paste. Otherwise the paste will not uniformely spread and air bubbles will form.
  2. Whenever you remove the heatsink. you have to replace the thermal paste otherwise like alexoiu said, you'll get bubbles, and have high temps.
  3. yes
  4. Yes!! Clean all the old paste off the CPU and the heatsink 1st. Then apply the thermal paste and don't get carried away only put a light application. I use arctic silver brand, and be careful don't get any on the motherboard. Cover the area with a fine application I usually like to be able to lightly see through it. You don't want gobs on there, just a light consistent cover over the entire surface.
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