What is the better PSU?

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  1. Technically the HX and TX are around the same build quality according to this tier list:

    I would say go for the HX since money is not a factor and that it has a gold rating opposed to the TX which has a bronze rating.
  2. The TX v2 series is the best price for a good PSU. EDIT : THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE V2 VERSIONS. The normal TX is junk in comparison...

    Technically the HX series is the best, most reliable and best physical components.

    The GS is the cheaper, less reliable range that I would not suggest.
    Corsair is a good brand but the GS is their cheap brand with inferior components and least reliability...
  3. storm slider said:

    Hi - If you don't care about the $, then the AX is the best unit. Corair's top of the line.
    In terms of value, i.e. bang for the buck, I think the tx v2 is the best

  4. Since you asked for a list from best to worst then here it is:

    1) Corsair AX-750 - Highest Quality, Tier 1 power supply, High efficiency
    2) Corsair HX-750- Gold rating, high quality, bit expensive
    3)Corsair TX-750- Around the same quality as HX, bronze rating, good price
    4)Corsair GS-800- Not as good as the others

    You could switch #2, and #3 but since you stated money was not an issue I put the HX-750 on top because of its higher efficiency rating. Anyways sure your not open to any other brands? There are some good PC Power and Cooling Power supplies and Seasonic power supplies.
  5. Corsair PSU Series Ranked from Best to Worst:

    AXi - Professional Series Platinum with Digital voltage control and Corsair Link for monitoring and adjustments via USB connection

    AX - Professional Series Gold or Platinum for performance, quality, reliability, and energy-efficiency

    HX - Professional Series for gaming rigs, overclocking systems, or any PC where rock-solid stability is essential

    TX & VX - Enthusiast Series for hardcore PC gamers, performance enthusiasts

    GS - Gaming Series for gamers that want a PSU with switchable internal LED lighting

    CX & VS - Builder Series for basic system builds
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