How to connect to the internet on my android phone using wi-fi?? plzzzzz help...

Hello, i have a samsung galxy 5 phone.. with ANDROID 2.1 installed in it.. I wan2 access internet thru wi-fi on my mobile. I have got myself a wireless router at home. the wi-fi settings page of my phone says that i am connected to the network i wanna connct to... but when i try 2 acccess any website thru d browser , it displays page not found..
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  1. Does the router have security enabled and did you put all of those settings in your phone?
    Not sure about Android phones but i know with my Iphone that was all i needed to connect.
  2. For the android phones, all you should have to do is choose the Wifi network and it will auto connect. After that, browsing should work. If it is not, make sure that you have data enabled in the network settings on the phone and that you have a good wireless signal.
  3. @ender 2003 - i hav chosen my wi fi network, my wi-fi settings say dat it is connected.. but browsing doesnt work.. d signals are excellent (acc to d netwrk settings..)
    wat did u sat abt data enabled in d network settings.? I didnt get it, n derez no such thing in my network settings . . .plz tell in detail..
  4. @ steimy - all those settings? wat settings ?? tell in detail plz
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