PC damaged during shipping, quick question on how to test components

Here's what was in it:
1.) Cooler master Haf-x case
2.) evga classified x-58 mobo 4-way Sli
3.) i7-960 quad core
4.) hd6970 card
5.) 24 gb g.skill 1333mhz
6.) CoolerMaster v-8 heatsink
7.) 750 watt power supply
8.) windows 7 ultimate

Okay here's what's going on. On Sunday the 19th on November I shipped out my computer and when the guy received it he said he wasn't getting any video output from the dvi-d on the back of the video card. Well needless to say he took it to a PC repair shop so they could take a look at it. They noticed what looked to them like the heatsink wasn't properly seated on the CPU, possibly due to rough shipment. So they tested the power supply (working), they also said they feel that the memory is fine and possibly the video card, but when he ran the computer he was saying something about the mobo getting hung up on the 25th light. I'm guessing the motherboard lights up to indicate what it's doing and apparently he said its getting hung up on the video card or something which was the 25th light. (sorry for the confusion, I'm not quite sure what he meant), so they think something's wrong with the motherboard.

But he's also thinking the CPU is fried (which I find hard to believe). He was also telling me he doesn't want to test his cpu (spare) in the motherboard, nor does he want to take my i7-960 out and put it in a spare motherboard to test the CPU as he's afraid it could damaged the new motherboard.

What do you guys think? He said he reseated the CPU fan and from what I gathered its still working fine. The motherboard lights are coming on as it checks out everything during the boot process but I don't know to make of it getting hung up on the 25th light flicker or whatever.

I want to believe maybe the fall during shipping caused damage to the motherboard and/or the heatsink, but I guess I'd like to think the $300 process is still good. Is it safe to test the CPU in another 1366 motherboard or is there potential for damage to the new motherboard?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help.

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  1. I don't "see" it either... the V8 is bolted to the motherbd and doesn't use the stock retainers right?

    edit - testing the CPU I would assume he's got a POST card or the motherbd has some indicators on it. Anyways if the POST card shows a changing number or the motherbd is displaying different light combinations then the cpu is good and this guy needs to find a new tech because this one doesnt know what he's doing.
    I just checked your manual and your board came with a diagnosic panel. If thats what he's looking at and its changing numbers that means the cpu is fine. A post code of 25 , if thats what he see's, means the system cannot shadow (copy) the Video bios to ram (for better performance)
    I would try a 'test' video card. Failing that I would try ram.
    To me it looks like the motherbd and cpu are fine.
  2. Thank you so much "popatim" I will contact the PC repairman myself along the new owner of my gaming rig and see what I can find out with this new information.

    If anyone else can read into this like the above statement, feel free to confirm what's stated above or add any additional info and I will post back when I get a chance.
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