670 with my system

So with my system below.. how much of a difference will i see if i got the gigabyte 670?

I'm mostly playing Arma 2 with the occasional Skyrim, Assassins, and BF3. I'm upgrading for Arma 3 and I' hoping to get frames averaging above 30 although i feel the only thing weighing me down is my AMD phenom.

BF3 gives me pretty decent fps but Arma is more cpu demanding huh...

i play at 1080 and high settings w some details at medium but i try to stay at high.

also i was gearing toward the Gigabyte because of higher stock clocks.

i don't OC and probably wont for awhile bc i have never done it.

obviously there will be a huge difference i'm betting but would my phenom hold me back from true power of the 670?
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  1. forgot your build :P
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    That card should work very well - your cpu will also OC reasonably well - read a guide & try it. I'm jealous - I would love a GTX670.
    BTW his set-up is in his member config
  3. dammit thought it was in my signature..

    AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE 3.2ghz
    XFX 6850
    antec 650 w
    8 gig ripjaw
    Gigabyte 970 mobo
    64 bit windows
  4. ohh now its shows up.. probably cause i wasn't signed in while typing the post
  5. A GTX 670 will run about 100-150% I believe, and if Arma is more CPU demanding than OC might be your only option. Listen to dish_moose and try it, or you can pay someone to OC it for you. Your choice, and have fun with your new GTX 670. =)
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