650w Enough for SLi GTX 560 Ti? (+3 HDD's)

Hey All

I currently have a 650w Antec EarthWatts PSU.


My PC specs are as follows:

i7 2600k
GTX 560 Ti
(2x4GB) Corsair Vengance RAM
1x 90GB Corsair Solid State
1x 300GB Western Digital 2.5'
1x 500GB Western Digital 3.5'
ASUS P8Z77-V-LE-PLUS Motherboard

And thats pretty much all the stuff that matters.

Anyway I was considering SLi ing my 560 Ti's. However I'm not sure my 650w PSU is up to the job.

I've seen on previous posts that 560Ti's SLi'd can JUST run on 650w, however with my 3 HDD's I'm not sure It'll be able to run.

I will also be using the GPU's and my CPU on full pelt/power alot of the time for I play alot of highly intensive games as well as ALOT of 3D Rendering (Using 3ds Max and Maya).

So, will I be able to do it, or Should I up to a 750/800w Power Supply?
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  1. Its Barely Enough , You have a good quality psu so it should be fine for a year, but you should upgrade in 1 year after you use the other 560, You will be maxing the power load on the psu , degrading it faster than normal.
  2. Yeah it'll work, plus you can always upgrade the PSU later if you encounter problems.
  3. One of your 'HDDs' is an SSD which use very small amounts of power, easily less than 5W.
    Modern HDDs themselves actually aren't that power hungry either, 10W on load probably being an overestimation. So adding a relatively small number of HDDs to a system won't make that much of a difference.

    This shows a system using an overclocked i7-965, which is much more power hungry than an i7-2600K, drawing 449W at the wall under an unspecified load.
    They probably recommend a 700W+ PSU because they personally feel that stressing a PSU beyond 50% is a not something they are comfortable doing.
    However with a high quality unit the only possible reason not to is if the PSU has a noisy fan/too aggressive of a fan controller, which I don't think is the case with the Antec Earthwatts EA-650 Green.
  4. All the people above telling you the same thing, just Get the Gtx 560 and upgrade your psu in 1 Year.
  5. He won't have to upgrade his PSU in one year.
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