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this monitor is on sale (limited time) until 11/29:

It's DVI, 20" display, and decent reviews. I'm building a budget gaming pc with a phenom ii x4 965BE and a radeon hd 6850.

or, should I not do that and just get this one instead:

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  1. Even though the acer is a bigger monitor and for a little less, the asus looks like a higher quality monitor in general.

    The asus' better refresh rate, higher quality control and physical functionality (such as simpler ability to be mounted) more than make up for the small differences in size and price.

    Also, even though the 1" in width is a little bit noticeable, you'll be able to use your graphics card to better ability with that many less pixels to render.
  2. Hi :)

    I sell monitors in my computer shops...they are BOTH rubbish especially if you are a gamer....

    One rule for buying a gaming MUST have a response time of 2ms... and neither has...

    All the best Brett :)
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