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This may be a stupid question but I still wanna ask it. Ok I've been looking at the Coolermaster HAF 912 case which seems like a great budget case for me, main reason I'm looking for one is to upgrade my video card, need more room.

Anyway I really wish they made the case black inside and out, so could I take the case apart to the interior shell and paint it black is my question? Didn't know if some of the components might put out to much heat or any other reasons this wouldn't be a good idea.

I know this is strictly a personal preference because honestly I won't really even see the inside very often, but hey when I do I want it dark XD.

I've got 2 other cases in mind if anyone wants to put there 2 cents in on the 3, always up for some advice on them.
Which I really like this one but the price.
This one seems ok, and the price was a bit lower the other day when I found it.
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  1. I bought the HAF 912 as my latest case with the intention to mod it. i created a side panel window and painted the inside. There will be no problems with heat or anything because the case is well ventilated and has good fan spots(even without the side panel fan area). The only problem with painting the inside is that many of the inside sections are riveted into the case, meaning if you want a very even spray paint job you have to either learn to drill out/replace rivets, or be very patient and careful. Overall it is a great case if you are willing to put the work into it. I ended up getting it because it looked easy to mod and had the expansion for space and fans(I was looking for uniform x5 120mm fan slots for my x5 Antec truequiet fans).

    Edit here is my rig(still working on cable management)

  2. cool thanks for the reply, yea I'm not gonna take the rivets out or anything, just take my time with spraying and taping everything that needs it really well.

    So the top vent works well with 2 120mm fans because that's what I have to put into it.
    I've read some people swearing the 200mm fan is the way to go.
  3. Well I have two 120mm fans pointing out the top and 1 pointing out the top-back. They are a bit cramped together to be honest but they fit so whatever xD.
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