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I unplugged my turtle beach x11 headset from my computer (from the front ports) to play audio through my TV which is connected via HDMI. When I plug it back in I can't play audio through it. It is listed as the speaker option in my default playback devices and it says it is unplugged. The only way to use the headset is to plug it into the back I/O ports. I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me figure out how to solve this issue. Let me know what other information you might need. I'd be glad to provide it.
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  1. the headphones are anaolog and the hdmi uses digital audio. I suspect you need to switch the audio back to analog for the headphone to work again.
    I've got to go try this on my htpc (also connected via hdmi)
  2. Thanks for replying. How can I change the audio to analog? It also may be important to mention that the TV is using Nvidia and I think the headphones used to use Realtek.
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