New 120 hz monitor, computer specs to maximize?

Hello everyone. Looking to put together a dream machine for Diablo 3. Started off by getting a new BenQ XL2420T monitor (24", 120 hz). Now I need to make sure the computer I get can maximize it's abilities. I know I need a dl-dvi connection (vs. Hdmi).
Here's the glitch: my budget is ~$900, and my wife's gonna let me use her Best Buy card to put it on, so it has to come from there.
Any major considerations? I'm thinking an iBuy, i5-2500k W/ HD 6850, but I just want to make sure this combo will/can get close to the 120 hz capability.
Thanks for any help (...and yes, I'm quite the noob, so any suggestions would be great)
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  1. You should be fine. Diablo 3 should be similar to StarCraft 2 in terms of performance. Both games will be limited more by the CPU rather than the GPU. Below are performance graphs of cards ranging between the Radeon HD 6850 up to two GTX 680 SLI'ed and Radeon HD 7970.

    While the price difference between the a Radeon HD 6850 and two GTX 680s is huge, the performance difference isn't.
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