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Hey guys so I recently made a post regarding some custom built computers on my local classifieds and the response wasnt too good on them. Im thinking i may as well go with building my own computer! Now my budget is really not set in stone, I was thinking around 600 but if it can be significantly better for a tad more I can possibly push it. Im Using it for gaming, games I play are Fallout 3, Skyrim, WoW, CoD. So I'd like the best performance out of those. i also want to pick up a widescreen monitor, 21-23 inch. I honestly dont know where to start, I built a desktop a few years back but i am just not too up to date on current computer gaming hardware and technology. Im looking to purchase it all from tigerdirect because they have a location right by my house. If you guys could come up or help me with a build and post links or anything useful let me know, and hey if someone is up for making the whole build be my guest! haha,

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  1. A great place to start is here >>
    Answer as many of the questions as you can, it gives the gurus' a place to start.
    Good luck.
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