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Ive installed 12.4 and everytime.i.do that it tells me there was a problem so I check the log but everything got downloaded successfully with no error codes wat should I do about this
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  1. Hi

    Try removing all AMD related software/drivers, delete the 12.4 download, re-download 12.4 and try the install again.
  2. I don't know if this is a catalyst issue, but I got the same when I updated 2 PC's this last time. it still actually installed all the updates though when ivwent and checked, and they have both been working fine. very weird glitch. disregard if yours actually aren't updating
  3. this is what u will have to do...
    1. Uninstall the amd driver and all of its components..
    2. enter safe mode and remove all the remaining softwares files and registry files via DRIVER SWEEPER (its a software)
    3. Reboot your pc and go back to normal mode
    4. install the latest 12.4 driver .. it will install and don't worry it will show that its 12.3 installed :)
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