3 different GPU's failing? (2 GTX 470 & Radeon 6770)

Around September 2010 I built a computer that ran all fine and dandy for a month or so. Then I started having freezes and problems but it still worked if I rebooted enough. From there it was all downhill so I RMA'd my gtx 470 in November. My computer worked well for awhile, and then it started doing the same thing as before around April. I was so stressed about the deal I gave up and forgot about it.

My computer sat until yesterday when I received the Radeon 6770 I ordered from Newegg and I played Diablo 3 for around three hours with no problems ( max temp 66 C I believe) . Then I played today for about two hours no problem. I take a break and as my computer sits idle at my desktop, and the screen fills with a bunch of crazy colors and locks up. I try rebooting a few times, get a BSOD. Try again, get into Diablo 3 for five minutes, and then the same thing happens as before. btw I deleted the gtx drivers.

Here's what I'm working with...

Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD EVO AMD870


CPU: AMD PH II X4 955BE 3.2G AM3


GPU(1): Galaxy GTX 470
GPU(2): XFX Radeon 6770

I'm thinking it may be something other than my gpu causing the problem, because what are the odds of three cards giving me problems? Although I wouldn't know. I really don't have much knowledge, as this was my first build. Really leaving a bad taste in my mouth about custom built computers though lol. Could this be my motherboard?

Thanks for your time and any input.
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  1. It really sounds like your MB. It could be your PSU, but if I were to bet... it would on the MB.
  2. Hmm I see. So how would I go about testing my MB? Do I have to buy a new one?
  3. When you get the really random-seeming freezes and crashes, more often than not it's something to do with the RAM. A lot of the time, it's when the timings and voltages are set incorrectly, or when you're using 4 sticks and the motherboard can't compensate properly on auto settings. But you only have two sticks with pretty standard settings - and it doesn't sound like you've been overclocking or otherwise messing with those settings, so I'd be surprised.

    First thing I'd do is download memtest86+ and run several passes with one stick at a time of RAM plugged in. If you get any errors, there's your likely problem.
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