First build in a long time, budget is ~$1,200

I'm looking to build a gaming computer with a somewhat elastic ~$1,200 budget. Basically, I was going to build the most recent $1,000 computer from the front page (,3210.html), except with the i2500 unlocked version of the processor. Then, after reading about how much more cost-effective the 670 is than the 7970, I figured I should get that instead, although I might have to get another motherboard incase I ever use SLI/Crossfire (I haven't built a computer in about 8 years; I'm assuming they still don't work on the same motherboard)

My questions are pretty much:

1.) What motherboard should I get that would do everything the Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3 does, but from a SLI perspective and in a similar price range? (Note that I'm not trying to use two GPU's now, but I'd like to have that option in the future)

2. What cooling fan should I get to go with the i2500, seeing as I plan to overclock it? Similarly, do I need to use a different kind of paste than what it comes with it?

3.) Is the 670 really that much better than the 7970?

4.) I saw this case from an earlier build they used, and because I'm a little bit of a dope, I want to buy it just because it looks so pretty.

I know the i2500 runs hot; will I need cooling fans? How many? Any specific fan/fans I should buy?

5.) I imagine I'd need a bigger power supply than what's listed (Corsair CX600 V2 600 W). What should I get instead?

5.) Besides the stuff I just mentioned, is there anything glaringly wrong with the parts in the $1,000 computer (Link again:,3210.html)? The only essential parts I haven't touched on are the memory (AMD Performance Edition 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR3-1600) and the hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 750 GB). I noticed that hard drive has a lot of bad reviews; should I switch it out? What would I get instead?

6.) Is this a really bad monitor? It just seems too good for the price:

I'd appreciate it if I could get some opinions/advice on this; it's going to be my first and last big purchase for a long time. I'm sorry I went light on the links; I'm on a very, very bad computer and it would easily take another thirty minutes to properly link every item and format it. Sorry about that again; I know it makes things harder.
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  1. 1.-

    2.- There are plenty of guides to use this cooler with the I5 , Reaching 4.0 - 4.4 in a breeze this thermal paste is Op

    3.- Not by Much but yeah it is.

    4.- Always go With the Case you Want, its a nice case, a good brand and a really high end silent case.

    5.- Well basicly you can go With a G.skill memory and get the same or a better hard drive, its an 1 month old article so there should be more deals right now.

    6.- Try to get one with hdmi, and full HD,
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    heres what i would get
  3. 1- Not shure about the mobo, for 2500k maybe get a z68?
    2-I suggest the Cooler Master 212 Evo.
    3-Yes, it's a bit better. I would get the 670, but I'm a die hard Nvidia fan. Just check the benchmarks and see if it's worth your money.
    4- Looks good, has good review too. :) about the 2500k as far as I know the Ivy bridges are way hotter when trying to OC them.
    5-Corsair PSU's are good I think. If not planning to go SLI no need for a bigger wattage.
    Try to search for an 80+ one, they're more efficient in terms of power usage.

    TheBigTroll's buid looks really good, I'd go with that.
  4. Well, the timing was perfect. Literally an hour before I looked this up I found out I have to get some car problems fixed. So, I'm a little worried about asking for advice again because of what just happened, but I guess we'll see.

    First, thanks for all the help, everyone! Especially TheBigTroll's idea; I couldn't have asked for something more helpful.

    But I have to ask: Now I have only about half the money I need for the parts that were listed. Should I just wait until I've got the money all together, or should I go ahead and order what I can? Would this build be significantly cheaper in a month? Is anything listed that's probably going to go up or down in price?

    Thanks again. I'm sorry I had to ask some follow-ups; my luck hasn't been that great lately and I'd be clueless if I didn't.
  5. somethings that dont change much in price

    the memory
    the cpu cooler
    dvd drive

    buy those first.

    you should scout around for some of the components as isnt always fully updated
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  7. Man, thanks again TheBigTroll. You saved me again.

    I actually work a little while away from a Micro Center, which has the i5-3570K for $189.99. And the $25 off on the power supply seems pretty good to; think that would still be a good idea to get those now too? Thanks again and again, I really appreciate it.
  8. if you can, get the i5 3570k + a asrock extreme4 motherboard. the CPU is 189.99 and the motherboard will be 89-99 dollars
  9. I could very much afford that now. And I hate to bother you more, but I did edit my last reply to ask whether it'd be smart to get the power supply now. It does have the $25 discount right now, so I imagine now would be good, but I don't really know.

    And thanks again, you've been so much help. I've posted basically the same questions in different places and nobody said anything; you've helped more by yourself than an entire (Very popular) website did.
  10. no problem

    the 25 dollar MIR will be paid on a american express gift card since i had to mail my power supply rebate in.

    just remember the power supply will not be modular meaning that all the cables will be pre-attached and not removable. if you are like me who likes modular cables, you can step up to the xfx xxx 750w power supply. it is a bit more efficent and the cables are removable. it will cost you 114.99 and will come with a 10 dollar MIR.

    its your personal decision. the antec 302 should be able to handle the extra cables from the regular 750w that is included
  11. "if you can, get the i5 3570k + a asrock extreme4 motherboard. the CPU is 189.99 and the motherboard will be 89-99 dollars"

    There's an Intel extreme4 for $134 at Micro Center. It's still $10 less than the other one, so it's all good.
  12. i dont live in the states so i dont know too much about microcenter other than the fact that they sell stuff for cheap
  13. It's definitely a weird business model; having to go to the store to get the deals. Weird to me at least.
  14. in canadian asian computer stores, you can easily get dirt cheap pricing as long as you know how to make deals
  15. That makes me want to move to Asian Canada.
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