6990 and 6970 video cards bios problems

i am running a 6990 msi card an the bios are 2.4 on this card and the bio on the 6970 lightning is 2.5 some games crash in crossfire and other time run smooth but like to have both run in high infinty , i hate the crash when it goes to the black screen of death , I have check there is no other bios for the 6990 only runs with the 2.4 bios an on gaming we need the 2.5 bios so now i am kind of stuck what to do if i change the bios on the 6990 it will void manufacture warranty. so dont want to do that.
Plus dont know if i can get a new on hard to find. i have to run the older drivers or it will not run. running 11.11 drivers
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  1. you must not under stand i have 2 different bios and thats what causing a crash one with 2.4 and the other with 2.5 one card runs on 2.4 bios and the other runs on 2.5 bios so should i flash bio and loose manufacture warranty or will they come out with new bios for the cards so they will be compatible with each other. on the sli
  2. are you trying say you runing 6990 in crossfire
  3. Are you sure its the difference in BIOS version that's causing the crashes?

    Yes, flashing the BIOS will void the warranty, but how will the manufacture know you've flashed the card?
    You could keep a copy of the original BIOS so you can flash back to it if you need to.
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