Where are bigger HQ ATX PSUs?

At Newegg the largest high quality ATX PSU is 380W.

Where can I find a selection of larger HQ ones, please?

(Incidentally, I need ATX for my older computers. My video card upgrades call for more than 380W; 400W might be enough but I'd feel more comfortable with 500W or 600W. I've read that SeaSonic brand is good, and read that they also make PSU's branded Corsair and Antec.)
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  1. Yes, SeaSonic make very high quality PSUs.
    They do also have some lower end to midrange models.

    I run a SeaSonic PSU myself and it fits the bill rather well.

    With the older computers the power requirement at each voltage will be different to the modern machines PSUs (which are 90% 12V).

    I believe that Wikipedia has a good article on this.

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