System upgrade

Please Help!

I want to improve my system for gaming.
My current system specs are:

intel core 2 due 2.8 E7400
ASUS P5KPLAM\PS mother board
4 GB ddr2 ram
ATI 6570 HD 1GB graphic card.
iball 400w PS.

Now i have 2 options to improve my system.
1.Change processor to AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100(quad core)
2.Change graphic card to HD 7750/GTX 650.(then i should change PSU also)

Which option will improve gaming on my system more?
(Thanks in advance)
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  1. Do an upgrade with a core2 quad 9450 or 9550 from ebay, then a GTX650 with a Corsair , Seasonic or Antec power supply of 500 watts or more if you want to do any overclocking.
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